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[Susicivus]: Pactum by heilei [Susicivus]: Pactum by heilei
The Act of Gehenna had been one to permanently mar the path of Time itself; planes destroyed beyond repair, worlds left devastated, and Gods left as mere fragments of their former selves...there were none left untouched by the war between Creation and Destruction.

Anguis's gaze drew along the moonlit horizon before him, the breeze a constant along the cliffs that provided the beautiful star strung view to the nexus of the sky and land. His breath came slow, his calm just on the precipice of his own demise as he touched once more upon whatever fragments he could gauge of his own conception; fear, deceit, the dark itself crawling thick within the veins of life itself before he and his colleagues drew forth to reign the next lineage of destruction as the Dominis themselves. 
The sensation was enough to draw even his own skin cold, wrath had been the fire burning between him and his Creator before the dark itself drew forms, and many at that, around them. Ripping skin, eyes, teeth, the scream of unadulterated rage and despair ringing their ears raw before they themselves took towards the worlds for universal destruction.
For what purpose though? He could come to none at this point, it was simply within their make, their designs having been nothing but destruction as deigned by their Creator....destruction and nothing more, the irony was nothing lost upon him. The thought always drew a weak musing grin upon his lips, though such a smirk was quickly lost as the tendrils of blue came into his view.
The rivulets of a once opulent blue drew their paths along the sky, permeating his once perfect moonlit view until the faint white glow could be gauged from his peripherals, he barely needed to turn his head to know what being stood behind him. 

"You never had a proper gaze upon this ocean, have you?" he asked quietly, the musing tone was tempted once, though he knew the brevity of their situation would draw their niceties thin. He could almost feel the small, strained smile pulling upon her lips as she drew some steps closer to him.
"Once, or twice perhaps, but nothing of a serious sitting I suppose," her tone as strained as her smile, her exhaustion was evident as were her emotions raw. "At another time, I may take the time to join you,"
He shook his head as his gaze returned to the starred expanse before them.
"Such freedoms will be a rarity at this point...," he paused as his breath caught itself in his throat; fate was something he understood the best out of his colleagues, however it was something that drew a cold fear into his being, the best of irony in itself.

"I take it things shall be proceeding as we'd originally agreed then..."


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June 3, 2016
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