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Blank Space: Victor by heilei Blank Space: Victor by heilei
The Violette Soleil had it's occasional moments of peace, an interlude from the grandeur, the laughter, the blinding spotlights of gaudy splendour that came with the evening's arrival. Suits upon dresses, glitter and jewels, the sharp clink of crystal glasses upon one another as the evenings would progress, abound with champagne and whisky matched with honey rich voices to lull the crowds.
It was those moments of stillness in between that allowed the establishment to refurbish itself back to its original glory before the masses would arrive to enjoy the splendours of the evening. The dancers could ease their aching limbs, the singers enjoying some quiet from their own silken warblings...the daylight hours provided the rest they'd need to resume their charades.
Though Ms Sava knew some kept their regiments tough and their schedules with an iron fist; she never hired those without conviction to their beings, and those otherwise were given the door faster than she'd give them the decency of her glance. She'd proceed with her rounds from the early morning hours, a careful eye kept to those who used their time efficiently, to those she knew were slipping, though those unfortunates would feel the edge to her glares.
It was during those morning rounds that her ears were met by the soft lull of a sultry jazz number wafting from a closed door, the scent of rose and jasmine permeating her senses as she couldn't help but smirk. Whilst Victor had his tendencies to show her his own sass for his own amusement, he wasn't one to let his routine or body become dull.
With a gentle turn, the door opened soundlessly as the jazz came in a full, thick swing to her ear, whilst her eyes were clouded momentarily by pinkish smoke, though this soon becoming secondary to the taut, latex thighs clasping tight to the pole, suspending his corsetted form just metres from the ground. His fingers drew a tightened sound upon the latex, his hands drawing slow down the pole before his eyes slowly opened to meet the amused gaze of his employer; he couldn't help but mimic her smirk, though the eternally sultry edge could never be lost upon his actions. 
"Well,'s never like you to interrupt a show now is it?,"


Finished him up a couple weeks ago but leather work wasn't cutting me a break to do anything else D|
Still figuring this motherflipper out...EVENTUALLY

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May 26, 2016
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