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I'm notorious for not replying to messages for weeks on end but I'm getting there!
However hope all's well, fine and dandy for you all!

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As the title goes, due to getting ahead with some [Susicivus] concepting and book work I figured it'd be fun to hold a contest of the sort in lieu of such!

With the title to boot as well, the idea would be to choose one or more of my characters from [Susicivus] and draw them as you'd interpret them from their appearance and personality (the latter to be explained below). Interpretations can go with whatever tickles the fancy however I guess there is sort of a boundary between a creative interpretation and one that's a tad...far-fetched - i.e. as long as some aspects remain loyal to the character you want to do up Sweating a little...


At this point, as I have uni which is a kick to the balzers, I'll be keeping it far out in advance to DECEMBER 10th however extensions and what not can be made of course


Also note, if anyone happens to want to donate (for whatever reason, be it generosity where in which, bless thy soul or boredom), please shout a note and there'll be a small thing back in thanks by the end of it!

    1st Place
        - A full painted render of your choice by heilei
        - A free paperback copy of [Susicivus] - Cereus Messorem once it is completed
        - A standard or colour customisable axolotl plush
          DD: Axolotls Barry and Cyd by heilei
        - :new: A free Steam copy of RPG Maker VX

    2nd Place
        - A cell-shaded render of your choice by heilei
        - A free paperback copy of [Susicivus] - Cereus Messorem once it is completed
         - A standard or colour customisable axolotl plush

    3rd Place
        - A flat-colour render of your choice by heilei
        - A sketch render of your choice by heilei


[Susicivus]: Grauitatis by heilei [Susicivus]: Ammorsus by heilei [Susicivus]: Absolution by heilei

The Wanderer of the Scapes, Verzagen is the fairly optimistic, calm-headed mediator between Life and the essences of the Tenebres within the setting of [Susicivus]. She's almost on the happy-go-lucky side, keeping by Black to ensure she keeps her feet steady in the Plain they've set themselves in while at the same time keeping the darker aspects of the land at bay. Rarely will she lose her temper as she has a great sense of restraint upon showing a majority of her true colours though more for the need to keep Black in a state of calm and otherwise to keep her caring facade up for those who need it.
Main abilities include flight, some control over environmental aspects however in a destructive fashion (e.g. control of lightning) and the control of white Tapers (white ribbon like entities)
    Notable Features:
        - Attire consists of a black t-shirt, black pants, black ankle boots and the blue scarf of FLOATING EVERYWHERE
        - Eyes: White irises, black pupils and a white dot in the centre of the said pupils | Hair: White | Skin: Pale grey
        - Scarring present more as red lines along her left side; eye, shoulder, inner forearm, along the thumb, outer thigh, inner shin
        - Blue scarf at whatever length she desires
        - "Peacock" bun hairstyle
        - A grin
          ~ She is always seen with some form of a grin despite being in pain, in a state of anger, fear; she will only lose the smile
             when she actually loses her temper or when she feels that she's under a legitimate threat. I.e. doesn't happen too often

[Susicivus]: Inruat by heilei [Susicivus]: Sanus by heilei [Susicivus]: Salve by heilei

The being trapped in the Scapes, Black generally keeps to herself in a quiet sense of solitude/isolation more due to a need to be away from other active minds due to her incapacitating ability to empathise with others, though as well a lack of a "toughened shell". She's usually a person of either very few words or absolute waffle due to a near complete lack of social skills, however to that, she is completely capable of having in depth philosophical conversations. Despite her quiet/standoffish demeanour, she has horrendous issues in regards to her anger, fear and panic which will result in a violent outburst and usually some form of physical mutations involving many teeth and eyes.
Main abilities include control of black Tapers (black ribbon like entities) and mild to major mutational controls focused primarily to the left side of her body, including the formation of claws, multiple mouths/eyes and fangs.
    Notable Features:
        -Attire consists of a black hooded jacket, black pants and no shoes of any sort
        - Eyes: Black irises, white pupils | Hair: Black | Skin: White to pale grey
        - Generally in a demurred state of the sort
        - Can form multiple mouths with fangs, multiple eyes on the left of her face, capable of tearing her ribs open

Temerarius - The Reckless
[Susicivus] Asides Concepting: Temerarius by heilei [Susicivus]: Ignis by heilei [Susicivus] Reference: Temerarius by heilei

The Tenebres Dominis of Anger and Recklessness, Temerarius is the loose-cannon fire head of the trio with a general disregard for consequences, even at his own expense. He has a tendency to be cocky and occasionally a little insensitive to get a rise from others and will generally dismiss most warnings upon his behavioural mannerisms and instructions, especially if he feels they're not worth a moment of his time. Despite being notoriously reckless in his actions, he is actually one of the most calculative thinkers out of the three and does have moments where he shows his ability to act in a logical and somewhat rational sense.
His main ability, aside from flight, is pyrokinesis where in which he uses his flesh as fuel to generate a flame and then goes accordingly from there to decimate anything as he so pleases; with this, he also wields a black sword modified so that he can allow it to heat up to temperatures capable of melting rock.
    Notable Features:
        - Attire consists of a black suit, white shirt, red tie and black suit shoes
        - Eyes: Red orange to burgundy | Hair: Dark grey to black | Skin: Mid to dark grey
        - Generally the first thing he'll set alight is his left eye/face/neck
        - He actually only has one set of wings which can be retracted for drawing convenience 
        - A majority of the time he'll look cocky/proud to semi-aggressive at the worst

Caecus - The Blind
[Susicivus] Asides Concepting: Caecus by heilei [Susicivus] Reference: Caecus and Videns by heilei [Susicivus]: Tenebres Dominis by heilei 

The Tenebres Dominis of Panic and Blindness, Caecus is the silent, threatening sentinel of the trio; a man of very few words and actual movement, he's rarely one to speak his mind or act upon provocation however once pushed to that point, he becomes a near unstoppable mass of absolute blind fury. Generally if one's able to converse with him, he can come off as slightly aloof and above your time however it's due to a lack of trust to others, usually having his eyes closed and/or covered and seeing then through the eyes embedded within his wings. He's stoic, stubborn but can argue his point with sound logic however even if wrong, his "blindness" to matters beyond his belief (not understanding) usually acts as a debilitating agent to his well-being.
He remains by himself most of the time, or he'll be stuck side by side with his partner Videns, or Eyes, who he'll protect with an absolute vicious loyalty.
His abilities remain mainly in flight, an ability to convert his feathers to either crows or doubles of himself, however the greater the number, the weaker they become, and his raw brute strength - he is capable of wielding small dagger blades, though Videns keeps a hold of the said blade for his well-being, but generally relies on basic hand-to-hand.
    Notable Features:
        - Attire consists of a black suit, black shirt, black tie and black suit shoes
        - Eyes: Green to pale yellow | Hair: Black | Skin: Mid grey
        - A good majority of the time his face will be hidden by the two pairs of wings on his head, if uncovered, his eyes are closed
        - His body language is very unwelcoming, usually with his arms folded or with (a lack of) stiff gesticulations

Anguis - The Snake
[Susicivus] Asides Concepting | Speedpaint: Anguis by heilei [Susicivus]: Serpens by heilei [Susicivus]: Stultitia by heilei

The Tenebres Dominis of Fear and Deceit, Anguis is the collected, smooth-talker of the trio who also stands as the negotiator between the Tenebres Dominis and Verzagen to ensure some form of calm still reigns. He's an eloquent speaker, a listener and one who's persuasive enough to convince even the most stubborn (sans Caecus) of whatever he requires or, more precisely, to destroy themselves. He generally will remain calm, collected and outwardly pleasant as an individual however he is an immensely cynical and sarcastic individual and can turn cold/irate in an instant when things turn sour. He's a capable swordsman, wielding a swept hilt rapier at his disposal, along with a virtuoso of music, particularly upon the violin, and can spend hours of the late afternoon hours perfecting a tune or two for the sheer enjoyment. In comparison to his partners, and despite his misleading demeanour and motives, he's a far more approachable individual.
His abilities lie within his ever growing "medusa" hair, capable of growing it as he so pleases and a common aside for asphyxiating his victims, along with a moderate control on inducing illusions via pseudo-venoms derived through a sac within his jaw, along with being a capable swordsman when required.
    Notable Features:
        - Attire consists of a black suit, red shirt, black tie and black suit shoes
        - Eyes: Bright blue | Hair: Black | Skin: Pale grey
        - He usually keeps his hair at a fairly long length, a majority of the time towards the backs of his knees
        - Like Verzagen, he generally has some form of a grin or smirk

  1. Entries must include at least one of the characters listed above, original characters can be included if desired however the character(s) you choose to draw still need to adhere at least somewhat to the description provided
  2. You can submit as many entries as you want, whatever floats your boats best in that regard!
  3. For the contest to go ahead, there needs to be at least 10 contestants as shipping the axolotls isn't too cheap D|
  4. Entries cannot contain anything that's discriminatory or hateful otherwise they will be ignored appropriately
  5. No bases or tracing of the sort, entries have to be produced by the individual submitting; references are fine as long as they're credited in your description
  6. All submissions are welcome whether they be traditional sketches to digital paintings to writing however the amount of effort put in will be the standing point in that regard
  7. Prizes can be shipped worldwide! I'll obviously cover the costs included so that should be hunky dory
Judging will be based on:
  1. Skill and effort put into your piece - obviously the more visible effort put in, the more brownie points achieved
  2. Creativity of the interpretation/the entry submitted as a whole



Black by StaticLuv Susicivus Entry by May-Ya The Tenebres Dominis of Panic and Blindness by grimalkn
incendium [animated] by anqila oculus [animated] by anqila ophidia [animated] by anqila 
Verzagen by Otacat Contest entry welltomakeupnumbersifI'mhonest by Annie-Bats


Hopefully that all sounds hunky dory by you guys! But nonetheless hopefully there's some interest on the sort and good luck to those who choose to participate! :D (Big Grin)




Hey guys! Sorry for the lack of....anything lately; uni's started up recently plus a whole bunch of other things have been happening as a whole so it's put me sort of in "radio silence" mode as such xD.


I recently realised that the deadline below had passed and considering there aren't too many entrants/I'd love to be able to offer axolotls as prizes (plus uni's made things a tad on the busy side), I decided to extend it.
Considering how things get around December, there's a chance it may even be pushed further back however at this point, that's the solid date :)

Hope all's dandy in the meantime!



The manfriendo :iconmonmon202: was kind enough to donate a free copy of RPG Maker VX as a part of the 1st Prize package; the only catch is that you require Steam to use it however...that's all free so technically it's just taking the time to download it and what not.

Thank you so much again man D>

And a good luck to the entrants! Just remember, however, we require a minimum of 10 entrants for the contest to go ahead!



I recently had my application for some geological vocational work accepted so I'm going to be absent for about a month and I don't know on whether or not I'll actually have any internet access as such - sounds stupid in suggesting there should be any however apparently they supply wifi on the occasion.

As such to ensure there aren't too many issues later on, I'm going to extend the deadline once again to accommodate for this shindig and hopefully as well may have some more people entering as we still need at least 6 more entrants for the axolotl plush prizes to be offered.

NEW DEADLINE: 10/08/2014

Hopefully this'll work for the better as such in that regard and hope you all have a fabulous day in the meantime!




Due to my holidays being fairly extended and that a couple of people have requested for it, the deadline has been extended to the30th of July however if further extensions are required, feel free to send me a note!

Also an important note with the axolotl plush prizes; as I've noted before, the axolotl plushes will only be offered if there are 10 contestants or more .
So far we have 3 to possibly 4 however as said, I can only do the axolotls with a minimum of 10 contestants D:

I'll be trying to promote the contest as such however if you're willing to advertise it, it'd be eternally appreciated plus will make it more likely that I can send some squishy axolotls off! :D

Hope you're all dandy in the meantime!

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